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Episode 011: Real Estate Mindset


Are you doing 10 deals a year and want to start doing 20, 50, or even 100 deals or more per year.  In this episode we explore how you can make a quantum leap in your real estate career.  Before you start down this path, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Mike’s Top 7 Real Estate Mindset Changes

Here are seven real estate mindset changes you are going to need to be willing to make if you want to see your sales career explode.

  1. How far are you willing to go?
  2. Are you willing to practice like a professional?
  3. Are you willing to give up the Sunday bar-b-cue?
  4. Taking risks is going to be necessary
  5. You need to be coachable
  6. Are you willing to change your ways
  7. Are you willing to put you and your family first?

Practice Makes Perfect

Scripts and dialogues will help you handle rejection.  You need to internalize them.  They become part of your mind, body, and soul.

You can practice in the mirror or in your car.  But to take your game to the next level you’ll need to find a practice partner and roll play.

What Are You Willing To Give Up

Are you willing to give up sleep?  If you want sleep more than you want to succeed, you won’t be successful.

Are you willing to give up expensive hobbies?  You need to be willing to trade your boat (or horses, or whatever) for investing in yourself.  Go on that mindset retreat.  Record those videos.  Place those Facebook ads.  You need to be willing to sacrifice short term satisfaction for long term gains.

Are you willing to leave your company?  If your brokerage isn’t adding value to your business, you need to be willing to move to a brokerage that will add value.

Successful People Are Willing to Take Risk

You need to spend money.  And spend your money on the right things.

Too many agents spend 100% of their commissions on themselves.  If you want to make a quantum leap in your business you need to invest some of those dollars (and maybe even an uncomfortable amount of those dollars) in your business.

Successful People Are Willing to Ignore the Negative

When you make changes in your own life, you shine a light on those around you.  That light can cause jealousy and envy.

People you thought were your friends might turn against you.  Not because they don’t like you.  But because you’re making them see themselves in an uncomfortable light.

Be Honest With Yourself

Do you come home and say, “I’m exhausted!”?  But on reflection you know that you didn’t do half of what you could have, or should have, done today.

If you were going to prospect an hour each day.  And you only got a ½-hour in today.  Then you owe 1½-hours of prospecting tomorrow.

Hold yourself accountable.  Because no one else is going to do it for you.

Get an accountability partner.  They don’t need to be in the same industry.  But they do need to be available to you.  Especially when you are just starting to make a change.

Any of the “Anonymous” groups have daily accountability built in.  And when you’re trying to form a new habitat of success you too need daily accountability.

Be Transparent

Never lie, never blow smoke, never guess, and never hide anything.  From yourself, your family, or your clients.

When you’re making these kinds of changes you need to be upfront and honest with your family.  You may not have the money for vacations or a new car.  You might miss out on family dinner, or a child’s sports game, because you’re committing to exploding your business.

Set those expectations up front.  Because these changes can be life affirming, or life damaging.

Be Accountable

If you lost a deal to a competitor, it wasn’t because the client was “stupid.”  What did you not do, that your competitor did do, that enabled them to close the deal.

Be 100% responsible for each of your outcomes.  Things don’t happen to you, they happen because of you.

Be Willing to Compete All Out

You don’t have to be angry, mean, or vicious.  But if you legitimately care about your clients, and you want them to make the best decision possible, then they deserve to work with you exclusively.

Other agents are not, or will not, do the things necessary to help those clients.  You need to be willing to adopt the mindset that you will do everything in your power to help those clients.

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Episode 010: Property Management and Real Estate


Should real estate agents enter the realm of property management? It’s natural to want to cover 100% of the real estate marketplace. Whether your client wants to buy, sell, rent, or invest you have your client covered.

But, in our opinion, based on having managed properties for the last eight years, real estate sales and property management are about as far apart as you can get.

Benefits of Property Management

Some of the benefits of incorporating property management into your real estate sales business include:

  1. Exploding your sales
  2. Predictable monthly cash flow
  3. Creating more freedom by building a staff

Property Management Isn’t for Everyone

The most successful real estate agents have an outgoing personality. At the very least, they have an amiable personality.

And these two personality types aren’t always the best personalities for property managers. Sometimes a property manager needs to say no.

Property Management May Be Right For You

Property management may be a good fit for you if:

  1. Your selling price is low and your rental commission is high then property management may be right for you
  2. You are more analytical and want to use property management as a real estate lead generator
  3. You have the time

Tips for Starting in Property Management

  1. Cherry picking your clients will assure that you are working with like minded customers
  2. Put your management company and real estate company together under one name
  3. Educate yourself on the rules of your state and local area
  4. Determine what roles your current staff could fill
  5. Have the real estate sales person be the front line sales person when talking to landlords and try to convert landlords into sellers.
  6. Make sure your broker will allow property management
  7. Don’t let the sales slip just because you want to do rentals.

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Episode 009: Real Estate Videos


Real estate videos allow you to create a personal bond, without actually being in front of the prospect in person. They can see your facial expressions. They get to hear your tone of voice.

In this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show we talk about video marketing. Our special guest Shane Pendley shares with us how to promote your personal brand through the use of video.

FullSizeRenderShane sees real estate agents as marketing specialist with a real estate license. And he believes that high quality videos go a long way to setting yourself apart from the competition.

We aren’t talking about ego videos. We’re talking about educational videos. Videos with purpose.

After all, how can you expect a client to hire an agent to market their home, when that same agent can’t even market themselves properly?

Shane’s Top 5 Real Estate Videos You Should Have

  1. Seller video
  2. Marketing plan video
  3. Buyer video
  4. Pricing video
  5. Specialty video (luxury, REO, vacation property, property management, etc)

Shane’s Top 5 Real Estate Videos Tips

  1. Sound quality is the most important
  2. Proper lighting
  3. Keep it professional
  4. Know the purpose of the video
  5. Show the video to someone else before you send it out

Storing Your Real Estate Videos

Shane prefers the use of media pages. That way you simply need to send a link to that page where all of your video, social media, IDX, and business affiliates reside. The media page is otherwise fluff free.

How Long Should Your Real Estate Videos Be?

  1. Keep your social media videos 45-seconds to 90-seconds
  2. Educational videos 2.5-minutes to 3.5-minutes
  3. When you send videos to clients, Shane recommends that you give them the video’s exact time. The customer is more likely to watch the entire video if they know what to expect ahead of time.

Other Tips About Real Estate Videos

  1. There is a time and place for fun, quick, and silly videos. But your sellers are looking to hire a professional. Your main videos should be professional.
  2. It’s not about the amount of views, it’s about the quality of views.

Getting In Touch With Shane Pendley

2519 McMullen Booth Road Suite 510-109
Clearwater, Florida  33761
(727) 463-8201

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Episode 006: Selling Real Estate in a Second Home Market


In this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show we talk about the second home and vacation home niche. Our special guest this week is Lisa Ristow. Lisa shares with us her insights as to what makes an effective agent in a second home market.

FullSizeRenderLisa Ristow works at the boating mecca of the Colorado River. She is licensed in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Her market is about 50% second homes.

Starting in Murietta, CA in 1989 she rose to rookie of the year in her office. Today she is doing about 150 transactions a year. Which she personally considers a down year.

Be A Real Estate Expert In A Second Home Market

When she first moved to “the river,” Lisa’s first job was to get educated. She took specific courses on resort properties where she learned that in order to succeed she would need to be the go to resource for anyone looking for anything in that community.

That could mean entertainment, shopping, backroads, contractors, and insider tips and tricks. This not only provides a resource, but shows expertise and gains trust.

Part of working in a second home market is that you need to be a resource for buyers, but also for locals. Because it’s the locals that are going to refer you to the buyers.

Tips for Selling Real Estate In A Second Home Market

  1. When you’re considering places to advertise, the second home market could be a good place to think unconventionally. Maybe you wouldn’t normally advertise in a throw away paper, but folks from out of town might read the local free paper.
  2. Don’t overlook becoming a role player in your community, chamber, and charities. Get out and meet as many people as you can.
  3. Paid advertising on social media or pay-per-click. Be in the local Facebook groups where people sell stuff. That’s a great way to get known as an expert.
  4. If you’re a writer you might write a blog with the top 5 things to do next month. Think of things that a person visiting your town may want to do, and then write about that. And this idea doesn’t just work with second home locations.
  5. Offer as many concierge services as you can and become a problem solver
  6. Never discount any client. That doesn’t mean you don’t pre-qualify them over the phone first. But don’t judge a client based on price range.

Other Tips from Lisa Ristow

One of the biggest takeaways from Lisa’s interview was that real estate is black or white. The client is happy or not. She doesn’t allow for a middle ground.

For Lisa, burning bridges isn’t an option. And she distills her whole business philosophy down to, “Do the right thing.”

Lisa Ristow

The Ristow Group
(928) 234-6944 [cell]
(928) 763-1234 [office]
The Ristow Group
Lisa Ristow


Episode 005: Real Estate Niche Markets


In this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show we talk about how to use real estate niche markets to propel your real estate business. One of the most effective ways to jump start your real estate business is to pick a target market. In real estate a target market is sometimes called a niche market.

Vincent Arcuri

Our guest for this episode is Vince Arcuri. Today he shares with us how he went from being a 28 year old janitor at a power plant to the number one agent in the world for ERA.

VinceArcuriVince discusses how he positioned himself as the local agent for celebrities. From WWE superstars, to NFL athletes, to Hollywood celebrities, to politicians.

Vince started by suggesting stories to reporters. And this is an important key. He didn’t wait for his phone to ring. He made someone else’s phone ring.

Fast forward to today and we call that content marketing. Giving value unconditionally knowing that some day the value given could be the value received.

How To Use Digital Marketing on Real Estate Niche Markets

Vince also shares that he is a huge fan of digital marketing. He finds the results much more trackable than postcards.

First you shoot a brief video. You can use your cell phone for this video. It doesn’t need to be highly polished.

Then put your video on Facebook. Vince gives us some tips about how to buy paid boost advertising on Facebook by zip code. It’s the new geographical farm.

Other Marketing Tips for Real Estate Niche Markets

We asked Vince to give us a few real estate marketing tips. What would he do if he were dropped in your town and needed to make sales. Here’s what he says.

  1. Ask for the referral
  2. Be top of mind with your sphere
  3. Shoot brief videos and boost them on social media
  4. Knock on every expired door
  5. Target direct mail to 20 houses a month

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Episode 003: Do I Need A Real Estate Coach


Michael Hellickson

Real Estate Coach Michael Hellickson

In this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show we talk about coaching.  We also have a special guest, real estate coach Michael Hellickson.

So, do you need a real estate coach?  And if you do, which one?

Michael Hellickson sold real estate for over 20-years. He ran a team of 44 people that was doing just over 100 sales a month.

In fact, at one time he was carrying 750 listings.  If you want to learn how to go from very good to extraordinary, Michael reveals the secrets.

Your business changes from day-to-day, week-to-week, and year-to-year.  So, Michael preaches balance in every part of an agent’s life, building a team, and teaches you how to stop trading time for money.

He believes that learning the pieces to success is easy.  The challenge comes in learning when, how, and in what order to apply what you learned so that you can really grow your business.

Michael Hellickson

(206) 300-1000 (ask for Michael)

To get Michael’s Listing Presentation Webinar (which was recorded with Real Estate Marketing Show co-host Mike Bjorkman) you can visit:

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Episode 002 You Say You Want An Education

Is real estate a profession? And if so, should we be requiring more education from agents? Is there a difference between education and motivation? We view these questions from the agent, the broker, and the public perspective. All this and more, in this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show.