Real Estate Marketing Show

Episode 017: What Should I do All Day as an Agent to Be Successful?

On this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show we discuss what should agents do to be successful.

Being self-employed: Agents are coming to us, sometimes they’re struggling, they want to go to the next level, and being self-employed is a really hard thing to do. We have no accountability as real estate agents, we can do whatever we want, but the reality is, we don’t have training, there are no books, and there’s no real way to train a real estate agent. So what are the main ways to improve as a real estate agent?

  • Experience
  • Learning from other top producers

A perfect daily schedule, to quote Michael Hellickson from, a blog that you should all be reading!

While they break down your day into 20 minute increments, that might be a little too much micromanaging. Instead, we are going to recommend a few basic things that you should stick to:

  • Spend an hour on self-help every day. In the real estate market, we need a lot of motivation; something about health, good life skills that can motivate us and make us show up to work everyday. For example, I recently watched a video on never giving up and I shared it with my team: We need to have mind health all day long.
  • Spend an hour/day on skillsets. Skill-sets are different from self-help. By skillsets, I mean:
  • Scripts
  • Dialogues
  • Marketing

Anything that helps us in the real estate industry. For example, prepare a buyer presentation, or a fake contract. Learn how to take a listing and know every single line of each contract, have somebody test you, so as to be prepared for every event or question that may take place between you and your client.

  • Two hours/ day of previewing property. And so much magic happens through this process! Those are the types of conversations that you have with a true buyer that make a difference.
  • Two hours/day of prospecting. If all you ever do is follow up, you never find new clients! Try to talk to as many new people as you can. In charity, the chamber, the city etc. If you can shake 50 hands a day, you can sell 100 homes per year; It’s a numbers’ game! Pic 3 things that you are willing to commit to, that you love, or are willing to try, and go for it! Open houses, door knocking, community involvement are just some examples.
  • Follow up. Follow up is actually, not prospecting! Calling back all the people that you called yesterday, to see if they are ready to make an appointment. It should never take more than an hour to follow up. You are always supposed to be working with people who want to move fairly quickly. You want to be personal, email, text, Facebook etc., know the way your client wants to be in touch!

Now let’s get to the 5 ‘Fs’— Let’s just call them the 6 Fs’- are: 

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Fitness
  4. Finances
  5. Future Business
  6. Faith

Those are so important!

If you don’t schedule your day around these things, you will fail as a husband, as a friend, professionally, in your family, and in your health!

Focus on one of the ‘F’s everyday. Make a chart, and put it up every month. You have to pick one of these 6 things each night to do. If any of these are imbalanced, chances are it will impact the others.

Stay tuned for a next podcast entirely dedicated to the top F’s’!