Episode 013: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Real Estate


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful real estate sales tool. In this episode we discover exact techniques, scripts, and dialogues you can use to close more real estate sales. All this and more on this episode the Real Estate Marketing Show.

NLP is about taking the pressure out of sales and helping people make a good decision. It uses both verbal and non-verbal cues.

In order to master NLP, you need to understand personality styles. If you haven’t heard our podcast on personality styles, you might want to stop now, and go give episode 12 a listen.

First things first. Make sure your seller or buyer is pre-qualified. Not in a financial sense. But in a life ready sense. Do they understand what is about to happen in this real estate transaction. Are they ready to be buyers or sellers?

All of the NLP techniques rely on scripts and dialogues. So make sure you practice your scripts and dialogues.

Mirroring & Matching

Voice, speed, tonality, body language. Look like they look to us.

Body language can help us understand if the customer needs more information, if they’re engaged, or if they’re ready to be closed.

Assumptive Selling

Walk in like you’ve already got the sale. Get them to commit to you early in the process.

You’ll be asking them leading questions about what they want when the house goes on the market. Where they want the sign. How would you like us to communicate with you.


Inducing a certain frame of mind or emotion. Usually happiness or relaxation.

This technique involves a touch or a gesture. In essence, you are anchoring the touch to the feeling of relaxation. If established properly, every time you touch them, they become relaxed.


With framing we are framing the narrative for the customer. Asking them a question. Getting them to agree with us.

Meta Model

Meta modeling is about deconstructing what the customer is saying and getting to the underlying cause of their anxiety. Is the issue that the agent isn’t doing their job? Or is the problem the customer wants to price the home above market? Meta modeling can help the customer get to the root of that question.

Tie Downs

Tie downs are the easiest for real estate agents. You’re tying them to you by asking small questions that they can agree with. You are putting the customer in a “yes state” where they are used to saying yes to you, so when you go for the close they are pre-primed to say yes.

Embedded Command

With an embedded command you are going for a piece of a sentence that you want the customer to implant in their brain. Mike shares with us how to use non-verbal cues to reinforce the command. Plus, he discusses how to use your voice to make the command stick.