Episode 012: Personality Styles for Real Estate


There is so much good stuff in this episode. Today we talk about personality styles.

It’s super important to know your personality style. And, it’s just as important to be able to quickly and accurately identify the personality style of your customer.

By knowing “who” they are, you’ll be able to quickly tailor your message to match what they want to hear. And that means more closed deals.


Drivers are results oriented individuals. They are direct, decisive, and pragmatic. They may be more straight forward and want to know what you’re going to do and when.


Expressives love to talk about themselves. They hate making enemies. They’ll talk all about their house, their view, etc.


Loyal and dependable. They make amazing assistants. They would rather deal with people than cold hard facts. You’re sitting with an amiable if, within just a few minutes, they start telling you about their family, where they’re moving, etc.


An analytical might look like they’re listening to you. But in actuality they are processing what your saying and trying to decide if it’s true or false. Analyticals want to charts, graphs, and spreadsheets.

Also in this episode Mike shares with us which personality style he believes makes the best sales people. Plus, as a bonus he shares with us some advance techniques about direct and indirect personality styles.

Personality Styles and Hiring

Although we didn’t talk about it on the podcast, you can also use personality styles for hiring. When we hire a staff member we use a DISC test to get a general feel for their personality. In fact, we do this before we even meet with the person.

Then, prior to offering the candidate the job, we ask them to take a more comprehensive test such as this one from Tony Robbins. That way we can cross check both the DISC profile and our interview instinct.

Also Mentioned In This Episode