Episode 032: Top 10 Ways To Get Buyers

Many agents today are flat-lining and are only getting houses through open houses; Yet, Mike has so many other ways to succeed!

So where the heck do we find buyers?!

1) Sign Calls Are The Best

  • Always look for seller leads first
  • Always be asking who wants to sell
  • Team lead will love you
  • Make sure they come to you if your listing
  • The key to sign calls is CONVERSION
  • In order to win you must PRACTICE
  • Must be super CONFIDENT
  • Another secret, though everyone rolls their eyes at me, PREVIEW!
  • With technology today the buyer knows THE INVENTORY better than us!

This can’t be. So if you know your marketplace all day everyday and you’re looking at homes, you know the inventory better than them, which is unusual in today’s market, it’s a perfect opportunity for success! That way, you show them that you have more knowledge over the competition and then can slow them down (mirror and match them) to take the time to look for the best and right match for them!

  • Sign calls have to be returned within seconds or minutes before they call another agent, BAD.

2) Open Houses Are For Reals! You want to do open houses the right way, so listen to our podcast!

  • They never run out and you don’t need listings
  • Do weekdays too
  • 10 am – 6 pm are the best hours
  • You can still get a full day of work in
  • Make sure you are the area EXPERT
  • They start 7 FULL DAYS BEFORE
  • Make sure they are BLASTED everywhere in print and online
  • Use 40 more BRANDED SIGNS
  • Don’t worry about buyers with agents THEY REALLY DON’T HAVE ONE  offer REO and default
  • Must see full blog post and TRELLO CARD from Club Wealth and listen to my podcast at REALESTATEMARKETINGSHOW.COM

3) I Promise Your Mailers Work

  • Good old fashioned mail to tenants is still alive if done right
  • Call to action key
  • Free Credit clean up!
  • Zero down programs (believe it or not, you can buy a house without a penny in your pocket!)
  • “Congratulations, you just bought your landlord this yacht!”
  • Like anything else be CONSISTENT
  • Have your lender CO-MARKET
  • Offer examples of GOOD DEALS
  • Show ‘Rent vs Own’ COMPARISON
  • All the stuff should say FREE WITH NO OBLIGATION for tenants
  • Mix up the format, sometimes LETTERS work as good as POSTCARDS when you are talking about taxes and qualifying.

4) Social Media Is King!

  • This is the cheapest and easiest way
  • Know, Like, Trust

Share your love for life, Share your love for others, Share your listings and good deals

  • Never be NEGATIVE
  • Look for great FIXER UPERS; and I learned that the hard way!
  • Try hard to mix in LUXURY also
  • Talk about how EASY THE PROCESS IS
  • Share videos and pics of SUCCESS
  • This goes for all platforms of social media. Be strategic and remember no POLITICS and especially no RELIGION as they follow life.

5) Hold Seminars Often

  • You are a professional with information buyers want
  • Every quarter

Public places or hotels best. I like to do them at the library. Get vendors to pay

  • Lenders and CPA’s are the MAIN SPEAKERS
  • Do awesome giveaways and promote as a team
  • Have lists of REO AND NOD
  • Always have FOOD AND DRINKS
  • Know the MILLS and NEW CONSTRUCTION look for creative or seller financing
  • Allow VENDORS to speak for no more than five minutes and make sure that they’re available to speak AFTER the seminar. If not LENDOR OR CPA have them give you all their swag

6) Webinars Are Here to Stay

  • Some folks won’t come in person
  • It’s anonymous
  • Can do from home or office
  • Can be launched and watched, and pre-recorded
  • Same format as SEMINAR
  • Very good way to get their EMAILS AND NUMBERS
  • Have free DOWNLOADS pre-loaded (leading to a ‘Call to Action’)
  • Be ready when they have questions and have VENDORS ONLINE TOO
  • After the event upload it to Facebook and boost off your BUSINESS PAGE
  • Upload it to YOUTUBE and do a Google ad word CAMPAIGN to get more reach. Put it on your website too.

7) Move Up Buyers Are Awesome – because they have to sell first!

  • Farm smaller homes and condos for sellers
  • Many are selling and then buying
  • Easy and fast to sell
  • Team Leader will love you again
  • Advertise about move ups and CONTINGENT SELLERS
  • Work with Cole Realty when calling to find NAMES AND
  • Teach them about RENTAL PORTFOLIOS

8) Sphere Of Influence Is Easy; this can just be people in your life!

  • These people are around daily so get referrals
  • Don’t be cheesy asking like a used car guy
  • Share success with them
  • Tell them about deals you find
  • Ask business owners if you can have a REFERRAL PROGRAM
  • Get them to help with marketing. Make it a WIN WIN
  • Prove you are trying, TELL THEM when you send them a client
  • Use everything like KIDS SPORTS, CHURCH, CLUBS; They’re part of something!
  • The more you pay attention, the more it becomes a SECOND NATURE. It will surprise you.

9) Property Management Companies

  • Build relationships with the managers and get buyers!
  • They have tenants that are buying
  • They know when leases are up
  • They talk to tenants more than you think
  • They have a license so they can legally get REFERRALS
  • Offer to do their OPEN HOUSES
  • Tell them you will pay them on CONVERSIONS
  • Don’t forget they have SELLERS TOO!
  • Add them to a good route. They LOVE FOOD, just like Realtors!

10) Community Out Reach – shaking hands is the most powerful tool!

  • Get out from behind the desk- Go big or go home!
  • City functions, Charity, Events, Boards etc.
  • People who can afford to BUY AND SELL
  • They respect you, not FEAR YOU
  • True RELATIONSHIPS are built
  • Much more fun and you will find SELLERS TOO
  • Make sure to engage all of them on SOCIAL MEDIA and add them to client appreciation program; these two go hand in hand!
  • Add a certain amount of time to your PERFECT DAILY SCHEDULE at least twice a week – be strategic!