Episode 027: Online Lead Conversion

Let’s talk about Internet Leads. If you missed Episode 26, go back and listen to it, to better follow us on this episode!

So how are Internet Leads different form Sign Calls?

Internet Leads
• They can be expensive! These platforms (e.g. Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia etc.) have made it almost impossible for me to get my leads directly, without paying for them! However, now I am a huge fan of buying leads; building a team requires buying leads, just so that you have a guaranteed slew of leads to go through and this helps you diversify your resources!
Just like in Vegas, it’s almost impossible to win with a little bet. So the more you spend on Internet leads, the higher your odds of converting are. If you only have, say, $500 extra to spend don’t buy leads! Now, Facebook that’s a different story; $500 could bring you 50K.
• They are much colder than sign leads
• They are pushing buttons like crazy; Because we want faster information right now!
• If they’re rude, it’s OKAY. They’ve only gone through a cold stage, they’re not serious yet and they’ve got bombarded. It’s kind of like door knocking; you don’t know what these people are going through.
• It could take 7-11 months to really cultivate these leads, to find the right timing to get a hold of them, stay consistent, follow up, and build the relationship with them. Know your personality styles!
• Now conversation rate is down to 5%. So, as of today, we are only going to close 1 out of 20 leads. The point I am trying to make to the agents out there is, don’t be like me and first completely discard leads. Instead, learn to understand them and use them wisely; It’s a whole new world of Internet leads for us!
• If you think they’re real buyers, set the appointment no matter what. If you don’t somebody behind you is going to have a better script and getcha!

In a normal call from an Internet lead stress to them, “did you know that 50% of the homes available are not even on the computer yet? So if you knew that you had an agent committed to finding homes that are not on the market all day and every day, would you like to come see some with me?” “Sure” “Fantastic!” “So one of the benefits of working with Team Bjorkman is that we do find better deals that are not on the market…” So those same scripts with sign calls, Foreclosures, Short Sales, and Not On The Market. Sometimes we have to tell a story to have people understand, but it’s important to pick up on the buyer’s drivers, when they indirectly say that they are keeping up with the conversation and are curious to see know how you will put your words into action!

Find out their hot buttons, and again it is super crucial to state all properties are not online! It depends where they are in the process and in their life. Pick up on where they are in the process so say, if they got water boiling, dogs barking in the background, life may stop them from having a strong buying position. That’s why I like online leads, because you need to find out where they are at in the buying process by talking to them.