Episode 026: Sign Call Conversion

Let’s talk about converting buyer leads.
It’s not that hard; you just have to know what to do, what to say, and when to say it!

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Getting To Know Each Kind of Lead
• Open House Prospects
• Sign Calls
• Internet Leads

Close the first time every time!

These are the three forms of leads that agents typically work with on a day-to-day basis. I wanted to help agents understand that these are very similar and different and so, they need to be practiced differently.

Theory of Sign Calls
• They are designed to get as many quality leads as possible
• They are a lot cheaper than buying leads. A way to do this is to put phone numbers that are tracked and usable by to an agent (e.g. with Proquest) or you can just put your own cellphone number on there. However you should be able to return a call in 30 seconds!
Force the phone to ring as much as we want. We can put out as much or as less information on the sign as we want (and obviously we would recommend little if you are going for buyers).
It’s very serious because they have seen this neighborhood already.
• This could be your only shot with this person.

Practicing a sign call; ”One of the benefits of working Team Bjorkman, is that we preview homes all day, everyday and specialize in short sales and foreclosures which aren’t yet on the market. Not to mention that our time is flexible, so we can make sure to accommodate you the best… Well this particular house is still available and if it seems to be a little bit expensive for you I could definitely offer a list of short sales and foreclosures that would be a better deal. If I could show you a home that’s not on the market yet would you see that with me?”

We want both decision makers to be present in the process as we don’t want to be wasting time if, say, one of the two spouses is not quite ready to take the step. We simply don’t want to be repeating things twice.

So there are a couple of things we need to worry about with Sign Calls, just to summarize:

1) I have foreclosures and short sales not yet on the market. Every time you say that, you’re going to get a ‘yes’. Unless they do not understand that there is a difference.
2) Better deals. And I am not only talking price wise; it might mean, “this one has a pool, this one has a view, a two car garage…” SO when I say a better deal, it may be better for them. So offering a better deal is having an open mind on what matches they are looking for, it could be better parking, or a bigger pool for example.
3) Setting the appointment, closing the first time. Remember this could be your only shot!
4) Prequalification letter. You might have not asked for a prequalification yet, so as to prioritize bonding time with them to make sure we are the first agents they meet. So just assume they have their prequalification letter and ask them to send it over to you, as ‘sometimes some of these sellers won’t let us in without that or the other agents’ and encourage them to spend 15-20 minutes with their lender to make sure they’re the most comfortable and beneficial payment wise.