Episode 025: Theory of Social Media Farm – Enhancing your Database and Other Social Media Functions – Part 2

Let’s talk about Enhancing Your Database and what can we do with the rest of social media

Facebook is your database, so if you’re a real estate agent, the only thing you have to do is export your own database once per month or so into Facebook and you can use it for marketing that way.

Enhancing Your Database (inviting friends)

  • Ask the right way (‘stock’ them as much as you can to find out what avenue they like to use, like Facebook, LinkedIn etc and send them a personal message, stroke their ego a little bit…)
  • Don’t be shy
  • Organize by info
  • Use info to start a conversation
  • Discover mutual friends
  • Add their contact info to your phone (facebook is pretty good at synching this with your phone but make sure these info are updated!)
  • Brainstorm ways you can partner
  • And try to have your contacts organized by lists, so you can post accordingly (e.g. past clients, new clients etc)
  • Add retargeting for more engagement
  • Use CRM (top producer ect, just something!)
  • But, if you don’t have their information, use Intelius, a company we’re found lately that seems to be about 90% accurate on finding all kind of information on you!
  • Whitepages
  • Makes sure it does all three
  • Mass Text
  • Mass Voicemail
  • Mass Email
  • Landing Pages (we want to use a lot of these!)

Use The Left Side!

  • My favorite thing is ‘the most recent button’, that way, if you’re buddy is up at 5am, you can connect with them right there!
  • Events to share and go; Us, as real estate agents, we need to go to two events per week! If you click on events right now, you can probably see 20 that you can pick and choose from
  • Post in old groups
  • Recent Feed
  • Brainstorm ways you can partner; Life is all about partnerships! So the more we can interact with each other and help each other, the better!

Develop Your Business Page

Your entire profile should be filled out! And you can’t do an add without having a business page.

  • Share Listings from Business Page
  • Learn Power Editor for Adds
  • Create an Advertising Agency (these should be beautiful, clean, and should be made with video!)
  • Use Facebook Boosts to gain reach. The nice thing about boost is that it does let you target your audience.
  • Design Ads for Your Listings
  • Create Events for Open Houses. And this lets you do some very creative things!
  • Invite Everyone to Like Your Page (hand select everybody and, within minutes, get more likes on your page!)
  • Don’t be shy about asking for Reviews
  • Dark adds (that’s a show that is not going to show up on your feed)
  • Retarget

Use Ads to Sell Your Listings!

I do a lot with the adds and look at the results. If you do a postcard, these are very expansive, I like them but they are not as efficient (e.g. specifically target the, and force them to watch a video!) and cheap as a facebook add

And then of course it doesn’t have to be Just Your Listings!

You can advertise everything. You can share these on your geographical farm and thousands and thousands of people will get to see them. For example, put a slide together of a few properties and just boost it.

Interact with Other Businesses

That’s the coolest thing ever! All businesses have business pages.

  • When you talk to them as your business, you have a lot more interactions than you would have ever had otherwise! You can share/like/comment on businesses that way. So like other Local Business Pages (as Your Page)
  • Discover Local Non-Profits
  • Of course Share Valuable Community Info
  • Develop Relationships

Be The Town Celebrity

  • Go big or go home!
  • Be involved Charity wise
  • Speaking (that gives you street credibility)
  • Look Awesome
  • Unique Marketing
  • Hang out with celebs

And when you put all that stuff in social media and share the events, that really make you look exciting! And these are things that other agents can’t or won’t. So share as much as you can!

Charity For the Win Win

  • Pick something that you’re really passionate about and be part of it
  • Two events a week
  • Bigger is better (meaning, if you can, sponsor the event)
  • Roll up sleeves and get dirty with them –and these are the best social media posts! -This is the like part

Speaking for Trust

So when you can speak and get in front of an audience, do it! If your clients see that you’re speaking at a big event, it gives you credibility

  • Do seminars
  • Do webinars
  • Speak at a charity
  • Training agents; I have seen people train people the wrong way so I started training agents instead because I was better at this and I wanted our industry to be done a certain way and I wanted it done right!

Look Awesome

Share your success with everybody! I want to hang out with the wealthiest people in our town. And I want them to share something in common with me and see that I am obviously successful;

  • Show Success
  • Work hard play hard
  • Doctors and Lawyers
  • Conversation starters
  • You deserve it

Unique Marketing

  • Create visuals that no one else does to captivate your audience and stick out.
  • Loud and proud
  • Interesting
  • Call to actions
  • Usp; Great to stick out and teaming up with local businesses and you can even make this fun! (maybe make a video with your termite guy!)
  • Track your Engagement

Hang Out With and Look Like a Celebrity

When I do hang out with celebrities, I like to post them a lot. For some reason people like celebrities so that gives you a little more credit and you just create this bigger than life personality that people just like to see and work with!