Real Estate Marketing Show

Episode 024: Theory of Social Media Farm – Rules and Mindset – Part 1

So let’s talk about Social Media Farm. When we talk about social media and how we use it as a ‘people farm’ instead of a ‘geographical farm’, that’s when people get excited!

Social media are super fun and super simple to stay on top of the game and it makes advertising so inexpensive. In fact, in just a few years, social media have become an indispensable tool for our business.

I know that I am doing my social media work right when, if I don’t know someone personally when I finally meet them in person, it’s a hug, not a handshake.

Through social media, people get to know our lifestyle and they get to like us, as real estate agents, because we are involved in the community (charity, no profits etc.) so people get to know that we are nice guys!

Our clients need to see we are actually producing real estate sales (and not only play around all day on social media!); so as to encourage them to sell with us too; that’s how you build trust

With social media:

  • The goal is to get as many quality friends as possible (not only on Facebook, but also on LinkedIn, where more ‘corporate people’ hang out)
  • Better than a chamber mixer
  • Private vs Public. Here you need to make a serious decision: are you going to use this for fun or for business?
  • It’s a business decision, and, in our business, we try to stay out of people’s drama
  • Perception is everything; What people see on Facebook is reality to them!

Go to our Facebook page and follow us!

  • This is a job interview daily; Although somebody doesn’t want to sell their house today, they’re all watching you!
  • Connect with them how they desire (instagram, facebook, snapshat, twitter; find out where your audience is at!)
  • It’s all about life events; These are an opportunity for us to reach out

Mike’s Rule of 4 (…and life rules!):

–> No Sex, Politics, Religion!

  • Know
  • Like
  • Trust
  • Nothing Negative!

Create a Daily Routine!

  • 2 hours a day of prospecting
  • 2 hours a day of previewing
  • 1 hour self help
  • 1 hour skillset (like this podcast)
  • 1 hour lead follow up
  • 1 hour file check
  • Then appointments
  • So there is plenty of time to get on your social media!

During your 2 hours of prospecting/day, why not schedule your social media time around this, maybe by spending an hour a day? With only a certain amount of time available, you become more efficient on facebook (rather then getting dragged off forever stocking people and getting gossipy!). During that hour, go down your newsfeed and find he live events to comment on

Acknowledge Birthdays!

  • First thing, every day!
  • Video birthday messages
  • Private vs Public (e.g. by privately sending them a video, to prove that it’s not for business!)
  • Birthday Reminders (which Facebook is great about!)
  • Add a personal touch
  • Use birthday to weed out friends

Social Calendar

This is a great way to schedule follow-ups with people, after a life event occurred for example (7 days after friends came back from their honeymoon, ‘little Billie’s’ broken arm etc). You can use Google calendar, Facebook etc to keep your calendar straight.

Get Your Group On! We love groups!

  • Be super helpful
  • Never be negative
  • Keep bad opinions to yourself
  • Recommend business
  • Use private messages often (very useful if you work with more than one similar businesses, like a painter for example)

Groups are also a super fast way to get very reliable information and learning new things

Get Your Group On!

Join! Create! Interact!

The most important group for you out there, real estate agents, it’s your geographical farm or your actual people farm. Mine is Newhall. You can promote all kind of cool stuff in there and post your listings!

You Must Go Live!

  • Birthdays
  • Charity
  • Events

This is the very best friend for your friends to know you’re there. Be strategic about this, it’s a great opportunity to get in front of 5000 people!