Real Estate Marketing Show

Episode 023: Life Rules, Agent Rules, Community Rules, the 10 commandments of RE, ish

On this episode, we want to talk about life rules, agent rules, and community rules.

Why this episode now? Because our inventory is low and agents are kind of being mean to each other out there right now, their not being respectful to each other, not even in public!

So we have Life Rules, just life in general, Agent Rules, that you have to follow if you’re going to be an agent, and Community Rules which have to be followed to either just be part of the community, or to be a community leader.

The very first thing I want to talk about is perception. Perception is everything:

  • No matter what you do, live like somebody’s watching you at all times!
  • Be aware of what your perception as an agent
  • How do your vendors look at you?
  • What do your past and future clients think of you?
  • How do your friends perceive you?
  • Family: If your own family doesn’t want to list with you, that’s a big red flag!
  • Neighbors too, they have to know what you’re doing!
  • People who don’t know you.

Now let’s talk about Agent Relationships:

  • Always be ethical, no matter what you do and what part of the business it is, keep a positive integrity.
  • Call back ASAP. This is a huge one! We can give a million reasons why we can’t call back immediately but that’s why you need to do this as soon as possible.
  • Put yourself in their shoes and don’t be a medieval reptile, be rational, think about fair treatment.
  • Never talk in small groups (aka water cooler talk); Agents get jealous and mad really fast! Because your business is yourself, you are selling ‘you’.
  • Join as many groups as you can. Groups can be anything with real estate agents. We are lucky enough to have huge powerful network groups in our community or start a group!
  • Gather a valuable list and update. Make that list of all the agents you can.
  • Do a gift or follow up call. When somebody gives you a phone call like that with a thank you, or a note of appreciation for working with you, it’s a network builder, that follow up call or a little gift, goes a long way. All of a sudden it’s like: “wow, he’s not so bad!” and you can stay in touch with them for years to come for more business.
  • Never bash a company—Boy is this a funny one! At the end of the day, we’re all independent contractors and we should just all get along! Remember its not the company so don’t be so damn proud of your damn company, unless you own it! You never know where you’re going to end up.
  • Listen, watch, and learn, I always use to snoop and try to absorb as much information in the office as possible; it’s really important to learn from both the good agents on what works, and the bad agents, who show what doesn’t work.
  • Study your competition close, so as to really know whom you are up against.

So what about Vendor Management? That is huge!

  • This is where business comes from. We need our vendors. They make or break us. They talk to a heck of a lot of people, and our network gets bigger, so our vendors are our best referral source out there!
  • And this is how our deals stay together as you are building a relationship of mutual respect; when it’s a friend and it’s a relationship, they’ll do things that others can’t or won’t.
  • It’s like a marriage so braking up can hurt and cost you thousands of dollars, it’s life changing. Before you break up with somebody, you got to really think: can this relationship be fixed? Because when things go down, and once you’ve built something together, they can actually hurt you or you can hurt them.
  • Always know the higher ups. Always know the ‘boss’ boss’ boss, so when there are problems, or when you want to create relationships or do co-marketing together, that entry level rep could be gone the next day, and you need to know the higher ups, so you know your service is taken care of and you can take care of them back, so it’s just such a win-win.
  • What’s in it for me? Your vendor is going to get your business referrals but it has to go both ways too. It could be co-marketing, something cool like that, or other deals maybe. It can’t just be one sided.

Now, you don’t really make it, until you’ve made it in your community. Your community is such a crucial part of it. Now comes the importance of, Community Outreach:

  • Charity, that is what you do in your community that you believe will make a difference and stand out. And the community sees this and gets to know what you are passionate about!
  • Picks something that really affects you. But if you can’t, pick something that gives you the most $$$ for your efforts and get involved with larger charities where you can be seen more, do more for, and thus talk to more people. Getting involved does not cost anything and donating your time is not expensive, donating your time is not expensive, as long as you do it the right time, like when you’re not suppose to be previewing property!
  • Committees; those are cool! You sit there, you get to meet a lot of people, it’s kind of like a mini boot camp. You gain their contact information, and you learn what they like and dislike which is very valuable.
  • Chamber. It helps build your business and it’s the one place where you can be straightforward about why you came for, to do business, and introduce yourself!
  • Organizations in the city. The city has really good committee involvements to sit on!


  • What I learned in High School… is to be cool to everybody and I promise some day you will sell a house to them or they’re going to buy a house… or you could be their business partner! If you are nice to everybody, the Real Estate Karma God pays you back!
  • What I learned from Mildred… The number one thing I learned from her, is to be nice to every single agent there is and I took that to heart and I get all my offers accepted and it never feels like people talk bad about me!
  • What I learned from self-improvement… If you take the initiative to do things that help yourself, you can help other people and change their lives. And it makes a difference.