Episode 015: Open Houses – Part 2


When you do the things we are told you in Part 1, couples are going to flood through the door. Now what?

When People Attend Your Open Houses

Don’t bum rush them please. If you’re not comfortable and confident doing speaking to the public, go back and listen to our episodes on personality styles and neuro-linguistic programming.

Be strategic about where you place stuff. Have your brochures by the door. Food closest to the hallway leading to the bedrooms.

Never talk about the home. Let the prospect get comfortable in the home first. There will be plenty of time to talk business later. In this episode Mike shares many scripts and dialogues and tells you exactly what to say, and not say, to prospects.

Follow Up On Your Open Houses

As soon as the prospect leaves, you go to your database and enter in every single thing they said. Be as specific as possible. Write down family details, personal details, when they need to move. You’re trying to capture their language and tone so that you can mirror and match that in your communications.

Be relentless. It takes seven contacts before someone recognizes your name. But it takes twenty contacts before they’re comfortable making a buying or selling decision with you.

Pro Tips for Open Houses

  • Don’t do open houses alone. Invite your lender, title rep, termite person, or home warranty person. Let them be your greeter, keep an eye on kids, or run the BBQ. This gives you time to mix and mingle.
  • Bring a “hot spot” for internet access. That way you have a faultless connection for looking up information for clients. Don’t rely on your phone. Have a back up plan.
  • When you don’t have any inventory, or you’re new to real estate, hold an open house for another agent.

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