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Episode 008: Real Estate Software

In this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show we talk about the software that you need to run your business. We go deep with our special guest – Ed Laine – as we discuss what type of contact software an agent need. Ed believes that too many softwares focus on the buyer, when in fact they need to focus on the seller. All this and more, in this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show.

Every agent needs to stay in contact with their sphere of influence.  In real estate we use customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Who Needs Real Estate Software

Every agent needs real estate software.  Whether it is very simply like MailChimp.  Or very sophisticated like Infusionsoft.

A good software is going to be able to accommodate attachments, emails, auto-responders, can store your downloads, has shared calendars, and keeps track of past clients.

Our Special Guest Ed Laine

Ed LaineEd Laine is the co-owner of Miller/Laine Properties.  With almost 100 agents they service the greater Seattle, Washington area.  He’s been in the real estate industry for 28 years covering both the lending and real estate side of the business.  And he has a passion for building businesses that fuel real estate sales.

Ed gives us tons of great ad copy we can use on our Facebook, Craigslist ad, and pay-per-click (Google AdWords) campaigns. And we get deep in the weeds about on-line advertising that works and how to start.

Takeaways From Ed Laine

  • It all revolves around the life of a lead. A true value packed CRM should have lead generation, conversion, incubation, and transaction management.
  • If you don’t have the incubation piece you may be losing up to 90% of your business.
  • Your highest conversion is when you call a lead within 5-minutes. NAR recently reported that the average realtor calls a lead within 72-hours, if at all.
  • No matter what software you use, you need to use it.
  • Ed believes that you need to make sure that the CRM you use works beyond drip sequences. Your customers deserve more than just email.
  • Most CRMs are buyer focused, when in fact we need to make sure they are seller focused. After all, it’s the leads that matter.
    • Buyer is more about email chains that gets them to raise their hand with a database backup to keep them in.
    • Sellers are looking for experience and credibility. That’s done not through emails, but through generating face-to-face meetings.

Choosing a Real Estate Software

Always download the free trial and test out the interface. Check on LinkedIn and Facebook groups to get honest feedback from users.

Other Tips From This Episode

  1. Never use a software that you can’t easily export your database
  2. Never use a software where your brokerage has access to your data
  3. Never use your brokerage’s phone number
  4. Promote your own brand first, and your brokerage’s brand second
  5. Never use an email address such as

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