Episode 006: Selling Real Estate in a Second Home Market


In this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show we talk about the second home and vacation home niche. Our special guest this week is Lisa Ristow. Lisa shares with us her insights as to what makes an effective agent in a second home market.

FullSizeRenderLisa Ristow works at the boating mecca of the Colorado River. She is licensed in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Her market is about 50% second homes.

Starting in Murietta, CA in 1989 she rose to rookie of the year in her office. Today she is doing about 150 transactions a year. Which she personally considers a down year.

Be A Real Estate Expert In A Second Home Market

When she first moved to “the river,” Lisa’s first job was to get educated. She took specific courses on resort properties where she learned that in order to succeed she would need to be the go to resource for anyone looking for anything in that community.

That could mean entertainment, shopping, backroads, contractors, and insider tips and tricks. This not only provides a resource, but shows expertise and gains trust.

Part of working in a second home market is that you need to be a resource for buyers, but also for locals. Because it’s the locals that are going to refer you to the buyers.

Tips for Selling Real Estate In A Second Home Market

  1. When you’re considering places to advertise, the second home market could be a good place to think unconventionally. Maybe you wouldn’t normally advertise in a throw away paper, but folks from out of town might read the local free paper.
  2. Don’t overlook becoming a role player in your community, chamber, and charities. Get out and meet as many people as you can.
  3. Paid advertising on social media or pay-per-click. Be in the local Facebook groups where people sell stuff. That’s a great way to get known as an expert.
  4. If you’re a writer you might write a blog with the top 5 things to do next month. Think of things that a person visiting your town may want to do, and then write about that. And this idea doesn’t just work with second home locations.
  5. Offer as many concierge services as you can and become a problem solver
  6. Never discount any client. That doesn’t mean you don’t pre-qualify them over the phone first. But don’t judge a client based on price range.

Other Tips from Lisa Ristow

One of the biggest takeaways from Lisa’s interview was that real estate is black or white. The client is happy or not. She doesn’t allow for a middle ground.

For Lisa, burning bridges isn’t an option. And she distills her whole business philosophy down to, “Do the right thing.”

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