Episode 005: Real Estate Niche Markets


In this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show we talk about how to use real estate niche markets to propel your real estate business. One of the most effective ways to jump start your real estate business is to pick a target market. In real estate a target market is sometimes called a niche market.

Vincent Arcuri

Our guest for this episode is Vince Arcuri. Today he shares with us how he went from being a 28 year old janitor at a power plant to the number one agent in the world for ERA.

VinceArcuriVince discusses how he positioned himself as the local agent for celebrities. From WWE superstars, to NFL athletes, to Hollywood celebrities, to politicians.

Vince started by suggesting stories to reporters. And this is an important key. He didn’t wait for his phone to ring. He made someone else’s phone ring.

Fast forward to today and we call that content marketing. Giving value unconditionally knowing that some day the value given could be the value received.

How To Use Digital Marketing on Real Estate Niche Markets

Vince also shares that he is a huge fan of digital marketing. He finds the results much more trackable than postcards.

First you shoot a brief video. You can use your cell phone for this video. It doesn’t need to be highly polished.

Then put your video on Facebook. Vince gives us some tips about how to buy paid boost advertising on Facebook by zip code. It’s the new geographical farm.

Other Marketing Tips for Real Estate Niche Markets

We asked Vince to give us a few real estate marketing tips. What would he do if he were dropped in your town and needed to make sales. Here’s what he says.

  1. Ask for the referral
  2. Be top of mind with your sphere
  3. Shoot brief videos and boost them on social media
  4. Knock on every expired door
  5. Target direct mail to 20 houses a month

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