Real Estate Marketing Show

Episode 002: Does Education Matter In Real Estate?

This episode was spawned by something we read in the National Association of Realtors Danger Report.  It said, “For decades the industry has held the opinion that it’s a profession, however the reality is that those outside the industry don’t hold the same opinion. Most professions (doctors, lawyers, accountants, and engineers) require thousands of hours of study, beginning with a bachelor’s degree. Even becoming an earth driller requires an average of 704 hours of instruction, and becoming a cosmetologist requires an average of a 372 hours. But to become a licensed real estate agent requires an average of only 70 hours with the lowest state requirement being 13 hours.

So, the question is, does education matter in real estate?  And not just the education required to get your license.  But the continued education you need so that your clients perceive you as an expert in your field.  And not merely a person who completes paperwork.

In this episode we’ll discuss the history of education in real estate.

Plus, what you need to do in order to protect your future in this business.  We talk about everything from “big name” trainers to masterminds.

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