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Episode 034: Using Video to Build & Maintain Relationships. Covert More Leads With Video Branding

Mike Cuevas has been in the real estate business for over 12 years and specializing in real estate lead generation. Mike believes that every office, mortgage company, and title company should have a “marketing dude” on staff. He has set out this mission in 2015 and will not stop until it’s complete.

When Mike Bjorkman met Mike Cuevas, Mike was the short sell king of the world!

What’s the difference between Chicago and San Diego? Lifestyle! It’s always sunny in San Diego.

What are Mike’s thoughts on video? Video is a brand strategy. When you use video to market your brand, you subtly remind your clients what you do/who you are and you will start building your audience and build trust around yourself. Video is more memorable and makes more overall impact. Video allows buyers to see you as an agent and envision themselves working with you or not; We’re even using it to recruit; It’s a constant interview: Use video!

A lot of our new agents who are brand new and have been crushing it and killing it by doing everything we say, especially video. They are authentic, realistic with their videos, and we watch them sell a lot of houses.

The importance of branding. Mike Bjorkman knows this, he’s built an entire world around this. And it’s so important to do this. Branding creates mind awareness. Mike even wears a HomeSmart shirt. Your logo is what people will remember and stay top of mind. And be consistent with it. Think Nike!

If you want your facebook ads to start working well for you, understand what your brand is and who you resonate the most with. That way you can better target and learn your demographics. Make the test and ‘target yourself’. The people who you will resonate with are the ones that are ‘just like you’ in the end, and who you want to go get a beer with.

Logo: The more people start seeing it, the more it sticks in their mind. This is how Egyptians told stories! They did it with pictures instead of text and this stayed longer in people’s minds.

With your whole marketing package, you do more than the status quo and create an experience for your future clients, which makes your clients feel amazing after meeting with you.

What is Mike noticing in his own company’s success?  Their mentality is similar to the one Mike and Julie have: to empower agents to build their own brands, versus having them relying on one of the companies.

The biggest mistake in his career Mike Cuevas ever felt he made was to give away his relationships to his team agents during his highest volume years, when they were doing very good in the short sales years ago. These leads become part of your audience and, ultimately a referral source, and that’s ultimately how  you build a brand.

What are Mike’s thoughts on video emailing, such as BombBomb campaign, and his database? Mike believes that everyone should be using video email. There is about a 30% open rate on emails. The whole point of sending emails is to stay on top of a mind. The only goal of emailing is to nurture your relationships; People will call you if they want to work with you. Keep the videos below 90 seconds and make the video a little bit exciting!

If you have a certain database of clients (e.g. A’s, B’s, and C’s) and want to communicate with all of them, should you use a BombBomb campaign or a regular campaign? BombBomb for all! There is a  total difference in a video campaign to your relationship list as opposed to your lead list. The content of your video in a lead list is going to be less personal than your relationship list. Because on a relationship list you are nurturing a relationship. So we want to separate those two lists.

Now to determine who goes on your relationship list, do something very simple: Go on your facebook feed and look at the names that are on that first list. Imagine you were on facebook and you just saw a picture of that person with their keys to their new house and you get a sick feeling because they didn’t use you, then, yes, they should be on your relationship list!

The impact of video in Mike Bjorkman’s career. Mike sends them a video presentation before the meeting. Typically half the people watch the video. The ones who did watch it are generally ready to jump into the paperwork. The ones who didn’t, even if referrals, are more cold, on their guards. So he makes them watch the video while walking through their house. On his way back, the dynamic has completely changed and they are finally more confident, relaxed; To see the mindset changing is heaven! So there are instances when professional videos are very important for your business! People are hiring you for the experience and part of it, is the education.

Authenticity of the communication level. Be yourself, don’t act like a robot. Speak the same way you speak to your best friend. The more unprofessional the better. At the end of it, that’s all people want; They want to ultimately trust you, more than anything. And you may turn some people off and that’s okay.

For more info, go to

Episode 033: Time Management

Let’s take “I don’t have time” out of our vocabulary!

So what’s the Theory/Why Bother?

  • Sometimes we have so much work; We need to manage the workload
  • Improve productivity
  • Work more or less
  • Relieve stress
  • Plan time off; if you work seven days a week, you end up burning out and you become a frustrated, unhappy person!

Perfect Daily Schedule

Though you could be managing your day down to the last minute, and this might be a great way for you to start off, Mike’s perfect daily schedule consists of:

-1 hour/day of self-help

-1 hour/day of skillset, training

-2 hours/day of previewing property

-2 hours/day of prospect

-1 hour/day of follow up

If you follow that schedule, you should hit very close to 100 homes a year!

We often talk about not having enough time. Rather than focusing on that, and complaining to yourself or others about not having enough time, think about what you do have enough time for. Start talking and thinking about that instead and, pretty fast, you will realize how many things you actually do have time for.

Success Rules

  • Take 20 minutes at end and beginning to set your schedule
  • Schedule time for fires; leave a 30-45 min. window; you will never be behind!
  • Do not disturb sign is a must; it is crucial you have that in your office/house
  • Block out distractions
  • Learn to say no
  • End day at fixed time; If you end, and even start, your day at the same time, you actually have some normalcy in your life.
  • Do things you like; most real-estate agents do things they don’t like; Stop doing that! Finding out and doing what you like will actually make you more proactive and better at your job than doing something you hate and do with frustration!
  • Delegate
  • Find out who’s wasting your time and stop hanging out with them
  • What is wasting your time? For Mike, it used to be Facebook at some point.
  • Can you cut previous commitments? What can you cut out?
  • Batch similar tasks together and plan out your day accordingly
  • Take mini breaks; if you don’t rest and relax, you’re screwed. Be energized, go take a walk; this will keep your brain working
  • Take lengthy breaks. These are 3-4 days that you should take off per month to re-energize


Firstly, notice that you are procrastinating and acknowledge this. Try and do so without judging yourself and without getting stressed about not having enough time. Simply say to yourself a simple phrase as “procrastinating” and “moving on”. Choose a phrase that works for you. In doing so, you’ve acknowledged it – you’re procrastinating. Now you’ve acknowledged it you can move on to the next step – doing something about it. Do not judge yourself.

Time Sucks          

  • Phone calls. Be diplomatic, this will help you minimize the calls while being also helpful.
  • Email; The worst time suck!
  • Social Media; be careful not to let it turn into a tool of procrastination (e.g. by stalking people)!
  • Texts
  • Work socialization; For importantly, do not spend time with your competition, all they want to do is learn your secrets and list homes you are suppose to be listings
  • Team Interruptions

So Now What?

  • Learn to watch time close
  • Factor in time for procrastination; just face it and include/extend a little bit of time for procrastination
  • Do hard or nasty stuff first; if you are procrastinating the nasty stuff, you’re day is going to suck!
  • Set reminders all the time
  • Focus and shut all apps down
  • Acknowledge success and reward

Pareto Principle of 80-20: The 80% of your time, focus on the top 20% of the ways to get business

Books we love:

-The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,

-The 80/20 Principle,

And we’ve only scratched the surface; go get more!

Episode 032: Top 10 Ways To Get Buyers

Many agents today are flat-lining and are only getting houses through open houses; Yet, Mike has so many other ways to succeed!

So where the heck do we find buyers?!

1) Sign Calls Are The Best

  • Always look for seller leads first
  • Always be asking who wants to sell
  • Team lead will love you
  • Make sure they come to you if your listing
  • The key to sign calls is CONVERSION
  • In order to win you must PRACTICE
  • Must be super CONFIDENT
  • Another secret, though everyone rolls their eyes at me, PREVIEW!
  • With technology today the buyer knows THE INVENTORY better than us!

This can’t be. So if you know your marketplace all day everyday and you’re looking at homes, you know the inventory better than them, which is unusual in today’s market, it’s a perfect opportunity for success! That way, you show them that you have more knowledge over the competition and then can slow them down (mirror and match them) to take the time to look for the best and right match for them!

  • Sign calls have to be returned within seconds or minutes before they call another agent, BAD.

2) Open Houses Are For Reals! You want to do open houses the right way, so listen to our podcast!

  • They never run out and you don’t need listings
  • Do weekdays too
  • 10 am – 6 pm are the best hours
  • You can still get a full day of work in
  • Make sure you are the area EXPERT
  • They start 7 FULL DAYS BEFORE
  • Make sure they are BLASTED everywhere in print and online
  • Use 40 more BRANDED SIGNS
  • Don’t worry about buyers with agents THEY REALLY DON’T HAVE ONE  offer REO and default
  • Must see full blog post and TRELLO CARD from Club Wealth and listen to my podcast at REALESTATEMARKETINGSHOW.COM

3) I Promise Your Mailers Work

  • Good old fashioned mail to tenants is still alive if done right
  • Call to action key
  • Free Credit clean up!
  • Zero down programs (believe it or not, you can buy a house without a penny in your pocket!)
  • “Congratulations, you just bought your landlord this yacht!”
  • Like anything else be CONSISTENT
  • Have your lender CO-MARKET
  • Offer examples of GOOD DEALS
  • Show ‘Rent vs Own’ COMPARISON
  • All the stuff should say FREE WITH NO OBLIGATION for tenants
  • Mix up the format, sometimes LETTERS work as good as POSTCARDS when you are talking about taxes and qualifying.

4) Social Media Is King!

  • This is the cheapest and easiest way
  • Know, Like, Trust

Share your love for life, Share your love for others, Share your listings and good deals

  • Never be NEGATIVE
  • Look for great FIXER UPERS; and I learned that the hard way!
  • Try hard to mix in LUXURY also
  • Talk about how EASY THE PROCESS IS
  • Share videos and pics of SUCCESS
  • This goes for all platforms of social media. Be strategic and remember no POLITICS and especially no RELIGION as they follow life.

5) Hold Seminars Often

  • You are a professional with information buyers want
  • Every quarter

Public places or hotels best. I like to do them at the library. Get vendors to pay

  • Lenders and CPA’s are the MAIN SPEAKERS
  • Do awesome giveaways and promote as a team
  • Have lists of REO AND NOD
  • Always have FOOD AND DRINKS
  • Know the MILLS and NEW CONSTRUCTION look for creative or seller financing
  • Allow VENDORS to speak for no more than five minutes and make sure that they’re available to speak AFTER the seminar. If not LENDOR OR CPA have them give you all their swag

6) Webinars Are Here to Stay

  • Some folks won’t come in person
  • It’s anonymous
  • Can do from home or office
  • Can be launched and watched, and pre-recorded
  • Same format as SEMINAR
  • Very good way to get their EMAILS AND NUMBERS
  • Have free DOWNLOADS pre-loaded (leading to a ‘Call to Action’)
  • Be ready when they have questions and have VENDORS ONLINE TOO
  • After the event upload it to Facebook and boost off your BUSINESS PAGE
  • Upload it to YOUTUBE and do a Google ad word CAMPAIGN to get more reach. Put it on your website too.

7) Move Up Buyers Are Awesome – because they have to sell first!

  • Farm smaller homes and condos for sellers
  • Many are selling and then buying
  • Easy and fast to sell
  • Team Leader will love you again
  • Advertise about move ups and CONTINGENT SELLERS
  • Work with Cole Realty when calling to find NAMES AND
  • Teach them about RENTAL PORTFOLIOS

8) Sphere Of Influence Is Easy; this can just be people in your life!

  • These people are around daily so get referrals
  • Don’t be cheesy asking like a used car guy
  • Share success with them
  • Tell them about deals you find
  • Ask business owners if you can have a REFERRAL PROGRAM
  • Get them to help with marketing. Make it a WIN WIN
  • Prove you are trying, TELL THEM when you send them a client
  • Use everything like KIDS SPORTS, CHURCH, CLUBS; They’re part of something!
  • The more you pay attention, the more it becomes a SECOND NATURE. It will surprise you.

9) Property Management Companies

  • Build relationships with the managers and get buyers!
  • They have tenants that are buying
  • They know when leases are up
  • They talk to tenants more than you think
  • They have a license so they can legally get REFERRALS
  • Offer to do their OPEN HOUSES
  • Tell them you will pay them on CONVERSIONS
  • Don’t forget they have SELLERS TOO!
  • Add them to a good route. They LOVE FOOD, just like Realtors!

10) Community Out Reach – shaking hands is the most powerful tool!

  • Get out from behind the desk- Go big or go home!
  • City functions, Charity, Events, Boards etc.
  • People who can afford to BUY AND SELL
  • They respect you, not FEAR YOU
  • True RELATIONSHIPS are built
  • Much more fun and you will find SELLERS TOO
  • Make sure to engage all of them on SOCIAL MEDIA and add them to client appreciation program; these two go hand in hand!
  • Add a certain amount of time to your PERFECT DAILY SCHEDULE at least twice a week – be strategic!

Episode 031: What’s Up With Social Media Part #2 Must Know Changes

A few other things we need to embrace as real estate agents:

  • Which other social media platform should we be using? Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest!? Deanna is not particularly a fan of Snapchat but if you do love it, they have just opened up new advertising abilities and there is a bunch of different tutorials circulating online, opening up new opportunities that we can now better afford.

Instagram is finally finding a place into Mike’s heart with their feature Instagram Stories. How should we, real estate agents, utilize Instagram?

If you are already doing native advertising on Facebook, make sure to link your account to Instagram to add tons of extra eyes on your ads! It is also a no brainer for real estate agents to make your Instagram account business and personal.

You can now already upload pictures you’ve already taken to an Instagram story, so you will never run out of ideas to post and you will look like a fun person to follow!

So if you really want to make an impactful story, just take 20 minutes to curate something creative from the photos you already have!

Another thing that is changing with Instagram is a new, easier way to promote content on Instagram, adding really cool ways to target people and look at statistics. So we want to encourage local businesses to make at least one story a day because they are becoming such an important part of advertising! And if you are going to be promoting through Instagram, you want to at least keep your feed updated and so post at least once per week to keep yourself ‘rolling’ on people’s feeds.

So make sure to connect your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. The great thing with Twitter is that you can real an entirely new audience with your advertising; there are people who get on Twitter because of how accessible and mobile friendly it is. Twitter is also trying to compete with Facebook, create all kinds of new advertising features. For example, they have made it easier to get followers, fast, with very easy and sharp ads, by improving for example targeting or potentially increasing the number of maximum characters per post, and opening up their API to a lot of different places and you can even actually now go live on Twitter!

As for Pinterest, it’s embracing video and making it easier in general for us! So if you love Pinterest, take advantage of this new feature. So pins with video or pins that lead to video get about 40% more interaction. They have also started improving their advertising. So you can now upload your amazing videos and create an ad around it and then turn around and look at the statistics from your videos! Pinterest also allows you to now automatically share your pins with Twitter.

  • If you are using a service that is ‘automatically generating content’ for you, you may not always be able to pick the images they will use, but try to get them into doing something that is a little more personal for you, or just take the time to do it yourself! For example, by using Adobe Spark Post or just
  • Another app that is great for video is Denoise, which allows you to cut off the background noise from your video. Typomatic is also another great app to add text to your videos and Quick by GoPro is great time lapses!

Episode 030: What’s Up With Social Media Part #1 What You Must Know About FB!

We’re going to talk about a few things that have been changing and evolving in the social media world. To *survive* in this industry, you need to be listening to this entire podcast!

We have a wonderful guest today in the studio: Welcome Deanna Leigh Miller, co-founder of Stark Social Media, who’s in charge of our social media/web design and with whom we’ve been doing the Stark and HomeSmart Social Media Series, which you can all find on her StarkSocial app. They are life changing; you should go and listen to all of them! You can also listen to her on her own podcast, The Social Life.

5 things that we need, as real estate agents, to embrace:

  • Facebook Live Videos; this is your moment to reach whoever is on Facebook/likes you page/is following you etc. So you need to make sure that you are targeting your audience, which hasn’t been that easy in the past. In the coming months, there is going to be the opportunity to build and create a more tailored, ideal audience. Facebook rolls things out to page that are the most active; so do something with it!

So is a 2min video that gets about 500 views a successful live video? –Yes, that’s fantastic! 500 people got to engage with you and kept watching your video (Facebook only tracks a view after the viewers watches about 30 seconds of it and more). Plus we don’t always want to be seeing you at your open house; we want to get some snapshots from your life, to get a sense of who you really are. If hundreds and thousands of people get to see your video, this is working for branding as it gets your name out there!

You want to make sure that you are connecting with people in your community who are supportive of your business and give them a shout out from time to time. For example make a video at your favorite restaurant; anything that can benefit your local community.

  • Facebook has been developing new ways of advertising. We so the addition of the Lead Generation Ads. Lead ads let people show their interest in a product or service by filling out a form in the ad with their details and allowing a business to follow up with them. That was huge for real estate agents and changed the way we think of advertising.

Facebook is going to continue to roll out more and more features like the lead generation ads. And there will be more cool stuff, like doing ads with videos!

  • So how much should we be spending on Facebook per month? I spend about  $3,000/month, which gives me a return on investment that is quite good. Should we be spending about $10,000/month? Deanna recommends to spend about $300-$500/month if you are just getting started and you should be looking at what your goals are and what you have accomplished so far in terms of sales. And this is also part of building your brand identity!
  • It’s always going to be a thing and it’s just going to continue getting better on Facebook because they’re always improving their algorithm for that. For example, I have noticed that they have added more interests, hobbies and other options to better target your audience. You can even better pick the income level of your audience now!

Facebook has also opened their API to a lot of new tools. That means that there are a lot of new tools you can use to retarget and ‘set and forget’. Outside Ad placement is also offered more and more though Facebook so you can actually now see you ad on, say, Home Depot or LA Times blog! But remember it all depends on your budget; the bigger the budget, the more prominent the placement of your add will be!

  • LinkedIn has updated their targeting so you can now target zip codes and area codes now as opposed to just, say, Los Angeles or California, which is really big for real estate agents! It is now way easier and budget friendly for those of you who have set up a business page, to boost individual posts and it works like Facebook’s boost. LinkedIn will guide you through the steps once you login to your account!

You can do all kinds of ads on LinkedIn, like a market update or write a blog post and then make it an ad campaign. You can also update a video directly on LinkedIn!

Episode 029: How To Get Your Offer Accepted Every Time! No More Bidding Wars!

“Mike, how in the world do I get my offers accepted?” Buyers are getting heartbroken because their agents can’t get them houses!

Writing The Offer, Negotiation, and Setting Buyer Expectations
If you’re going to work so hard showing homes, you might as well get it to the closing table.

Writing A Strong Offer
• Ask the listing agent what they want
• You should double app with the listing agents lender
• Fax machines screwed up our market! This turned into emails and so forth! Hand deliver and try to shake hands with listing agent, it just gives this warm fuzzy feeling and gives you a chance to get to know them a little bit. It’s important sometimes to use old school family values in our business.
• Give a small but yet somewhat valuable gift (‘guilt presents’) to listing agent with offer (wine openers for example are great!)
• Send a package that’s meaningful and fun
• Your letter about the buyers should include a FAMILY PICTURE – Nothing more powerful! This shows that you are a serious buyer to the listing agent! If the person has no emotional attachment to your home, how hard do you think they’re going to fight, to close this escrow?
• A second letter should be from a BUYER
• Point out what buyers love about the HOME or YARD
• Let the agent know the buyers have had the chat about not ASKING FOR NONESENSE REPAIRS.
• Buyers are willing to BE FLEXIBLE AND SENSITIVE to all sellers needs; this is always a breath of fresh air and makes your statement so much stronger, minimizing contingencies!

The Details Matter Most
• So, minimize contingencies
• None is best
• Pre approval subject to appraisal and clear title only
• Earnest money should always be 5% OR MORE

I like to think that deposits do matter; it’s another step on your ladder that proves that you do have the money and you mean business and, at some point, you could be risking that deposit. So the higher the deposit, the more it will mean to me, and the more it will mean to that seller.

• Make the deposit NON REFUNDABLE
• Write an as-is clause in the offer or some call it PASS OR FAIL within 48hours
• Write an ESCALATION CLAUSE; what we write is ‘Buyer has the right to pay $1000 over the highest offer, not to exceed ___’. You got to protect your buyers with that, so that they don’t find themselves in situations where they can’t afford the house anymore.
• Include a COPY OF BUYERS CREDIT REPORT; when I am a listing agent, I always want to see that! Obviously get buyer permission
• Always provide PROOF OF LIQUID FUNDS; this is a big one for me as a listing agent!
• Write in a DELAYED CLOSING PENALTY Try $50-$100 per day; If you really love that house, this is just another piece of that ladder to get to the top!

Costs Paid By Buyer
• Have buyer pay selling agents COMMISION; there is nothing wrong with the buyer paying the commission!
• Buyer to pay sellers CLOSING COSTS
• Listing agent bonus PAID BY BUYER; it doesn’t really matter how it’s done. Check with MLS and State laws however.

How To Write Full Price Or Above
• Set up expectations at the initial BUYER CONSULTATION
• Price you offer like you were LISTING IT FOR SALE
• Go over all 90 DAYS COMPS
• Prep buyer for MULTIPLE OFFERS
• Remind the buyer that just because today there is only one, tomorrow could HAVE MULTIPLES. There could be another family writing as you speak.
• Agents might not always TELL THE TRUTH! Agents want to double end homes and male YOUR COMMISSION; they need to understand that.
• This is one of my favorite lines: Remind the buyers that a couple grand to save their dream home is pennies over the life of a tax deductible interest rate. If you only went out to dinner one time less, it will only make up for the difference!

Episode 016: 5 Tips to Your Best Real Estate Year Ever


On this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show we reveal the top five things every agent needs to be doing in order to have the 2016 of their dreams. From training and practice, to marketing, to prospecting.

These are the top 5 things every agent needs to do to have their best real estate year ever.

  1. Training
  2. Practice
  3. Marketing
  4. Prospecting
  5. Previewing Homes

You get all this, plus Mike’s top motivational tips to take you into 2016, on this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show.

1. Training to Have Your Best Real Estate Year Ever

Work with a trainer.

And there are tons of them.  Here are just a few.

Don’t have the coin for that?

Try these free options

2. Practice to Have Your Best Real Estate Year Ever

  • Practice effective time management. Try Steve Chandler’s Time Warrior.
  • Practice being positive. Go to and type in affirmations, self help, self improvement, or sales skills. Make a practice of reading for 30-minutes every morning.
  • Create a morning practice for yourself. We both like The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.
  • You can join a network group. Either real estate or non-real estate related
  • Find a mentor. Even if it’s just someone who is really good at life.
  • Join a masterminds. What are other agents, in other markets, doing that you can steal and incorporate
  • Attend a real estate retreat like the Mike Ferry retreat. Or a non-real estate retreat like those given by Tony Robbins.
  • Practice good health. Holistic and natural health are important. If your health isn’t top notch, you won’t be top notch.

3. Marketing to Have Your Best Real Estate Year Ever

  • “We are marketing specialist with a real estate license.” – Shane Pendley
  • Take this time to re-look at your internet presence.  Are your blogs, landing pages, and websites all aligned and congruent?  Do they look the same, feel the same, and reflect the same attitude?
  • Review your marketing and giveaways for consistency of look and message
  • Be a subject matter expert.
  • Review your email campaigns

4. Prospecting to Have Your Best Real Estate Year Ever

You need to be prospecting. But you should choose something you’re good at and that you like.

Don’t like door knocking or cold calling? Then don’t do them.

Do what you like. Maybe that’s social media or sitting on a board of directors for a local non-profit.  The point is, you need to be “doing” something to prospect for new leads.


Whether you want to tackle your sphere of influence, expired listings, for sale by owners, or any other niche markets,
we recommend that you pick three.

Why three?  What happens if you perfected REO and then REO dried up?  You’d be out of luck.

So pick three.  Master them one at a time.  But spread that base.

5. Previewing Homes to Have Your Best Real Estate Year Ever

It may sound weird, but know your inventory, your market, your neighborhoods or tracts, or your new construction floor plans can make all the difference.

Here’s a video that Mike and his team shot on new construction.  Maybe it gives you some ideas.  Maybe you can record a video of your own on the subject.


Episode 011: Real Estate Mindset


Are you doing 10 deals a year and want to start doing 20, 50, or even 100 deals or more per year.  In this episode we explore how you can make a quantum leap in your real estate career.  Before you start down this path, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Mike’s Top 7 Real Estate Mindset Changes

Here are seven real estate mindset changes you are going to need to be willing to make if you want to see your sales career explode.

  1. How far are you willing to go?
  2. Are you willing to practice like a professional?
  3. Are you willing to give up the Sunday bar-b-cue?
  4. Taking risks is going to be necessary
  5. You need to be coachable
  6. Are you willing to change your ways
  7. Are you willing to put you and your family first?

Practice Makes Perfect

Scripts and dialogues will help you handle rejection.  You need to internalize them.  They become part of your mind, body, and soul.

You can practice in the mirror or in your car.  But to take your game to the next level you’ll need to find a practice partner and roll play.

What Are You Willing To Give Up

Are you willing to give up sleep?  If you want sleep more than you want to succeed, you won’t be successful.

Are you willing to give up expensive hobbies?  You need to be willing to trade your boat (or horses, or whatever) for investing in yourself.  Go on that mindset retreat.  Record those videos.  Place those Facebook ads.  You need to be willing to sacrifice short term satisfaction for long term gains.

Are you willing to leave your company?  If your brokerage isn’t adding value to your business, you need to be willing to move to a brokerage that will add value.

Successful People Are Willing to Take Risk

You need to spend money.  And spend your money on the right things.

Too many agents spend 100% of their commissions on themselves.  If you want to make a quantum leap in your business you need to invest some of those dollars (and maybe even an uncomfortable amount of those dollars) in your business.

Successful People Are Willing to Ignore the Negative

When you make changes in your own life, you shine a light on those around you.  That light can cause jealousy and envy.

People you thought were your friends might turn against you.  Not because they don’t like you.  But because you’re making them see themselves in an uncomfortable light.

Be Honest With Yourself

Do you come home and say, “I’m exhausted!”?  But on reflection you know that you didn’t do half of what you could have, or should have, done today.

If you were going to prospect an hour each day.  And you only got a ½-hour in today.  Then you owe 1½-hours of prospecting tomorrow.

Hold yourself accountable.  Because no one else is going to do it for you.

Get an accountability partner.  They don’t need to be in the same industry.  But they do need to be available to you.  Especially when you are just starting to make a change.

Any of the “Anonymous” groups have daily accountability built in.  And when you’re trying to form a new habitat of success you too need daily accountability.

Be Transparent

Never lie, never blow smoke, never guess, and never hide anything.  From yourself, your family, or your clients.

When you’re making these kinds of changes you need to be upfront and honest with your family.  You may not have the money for vacations or a new car.  You might miss out on family dinner, or a child’s sports game, because you’re committing to exploding your business.

Set those expectations up front.  Because these changes can be life affirming, or life damaging.

Be Accountable

If you lost a deal to a competitor, it wasn’t because the client was “stupid.”  What did you not do, that your competitor did do, that enabled them to close the deal.

Be 100% responsible for each of your outcomes.  Things don’t happen to you, they happen because of you.

Be Willing to Compete All Out

You don’t have to be angry, mean, or vicious.  But if you legitimately care about your clients, and you want them to make the best decision possible, then they deserve to work with you exclusively.

Other agents are not, or will not, do the things necessary to help those clients.  You need to be willing to adopt the mindset that you will do everything in your power to help those clients.

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Episode 003: Do I Need A Real Estate Coach


Michael Hellickson

Real Estate Coach Michael Hellickson

In this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show we talk about coaching.  We also have a special guest, real estate coach Michael Hellickson.

So, do you need a real estate coach?  And if you do, which one?

Michael Hellickson sold real estate for over 20-years. He ran a team of 44 people that was doing just over 100 sales a month.

In fact, at one time he was carrying 750 listings.  If you want to learn how to go from very good to extraordinary, Michael reveals the secrets.

Your business changes from day-to-day, week-to-week, and year-to-year.  So, Michael preaches balance in every part of an agent’s life, building a team, and teaches you how to stop trading time for money.

He believes that learning the pieces to success is easy.  The challenge comes in learning when, how, and in what order to apply what you learned so that you can really grow your business.

Michael Hellickson

(206) 300-1000 (ask for Michael)

To get Michael’s Listing Presentation Webinar (which was recorded with Real Estate Marketing Show co-host Mike Bjorkman) you can visit:

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Episode 002 You Say You Want An Education

Is real estate a profession? And if so, should we be requiring more education from agents? Is there a difference between education and motivation? We view these questions from the agent, the broker, and the public perspective. All this and more, in this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Show.