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Week 5 | Agent Mechanics | List Homes Over Zoom

Week 5 of 90-day free coaching program for agents and Realtors. We chat about living with Corona Virus

Week 4 | Agent Mechanics | Facebook Ads with Grant Wise

Mike Bjorkman and Grant Wise show you how to create a Facebook add and show you the power of

Week 3 | Agent Mechanics | CRM Mastery

Are you exhausted with your CRM and looking for help? Mike Bjorkman is covering everything you need to know about what to look for in a CRM for a real estate agent.

Week 2 | Agent Mechanics | Facebook Farm Theory

Mike Bjorkman explains the people’s farm of Facebook and how to sell one hose a week by following this simple daily plan. Learn how Mike added at least 50 sales a year for the last 10 years by using his Facebook Sphere to expand his reach and create a growing list of raving fans! There is not a better way to boost your real estate business.


Week 1 | Agent Mechanics | Mindset

In this episode, Mike Bjorkman discusses the importance of mindset in the day-to-day functions of a real estate professional. 


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